roll grinding
roll grinding

Cylinder grinding, engraved roll and drier roll grinding

Our company specializes in high-tolerance grinding of output calibrated rolls of both cylindrical and cambered “barrel-shaped” forms (positive and negative), directly at the locations of operating equipment without need to dismount rolls.

We possess an unique technology intended to mechanical treating and recovering of smooth working surfaces of rolls and cylinders, as well as recovering of engraved, embossing surfaces of rolls used to produce heat-bonded non-woven textile and paper.

rolls grinding
rolls grinding

We undertake repairs of dents and pits on surfaces of steel rolls and cylinders by argon(TIG) surfacing of metal, as well as repairs of dents and pits on surfaces of cast-iron rolls and cylinders by plugging down (dovetail-type pressing) followed with grinding operations.

grinding of chilled cast iron rolls
grinding of chilled cast iron rolls

During grinding operations, we ensure mating accuracy of calibrating roll surfaces not worse than that ensured by the manufacturers of the relevant equipment.

Possible scope of applications of our technologies:

  • calender-stretching equipment used to manufacture films and laminated fabrics;
  • pulp and paper production equipment;
  • candy and oil production equipment;
  • mechanical rubber production equipment;
  • equipment used to manufacture non-woven materials by a calender method, etc.
calender roll grinding
calender roll grinding

Our company undertakes repairs and high-tolerance grinding of cast-iron, steel, rubber, granite and chrome-plated rolls and cylinder; grinding of drier rolls and Yankee dryers, rolls and cylinders of smoothing, pressing and other types used in paper-making machines and cardboard machines; grinding of mill rollers; grinding of support, embossing, felt-wrapped, heating, jellifying and other types of rolls and cylinders rolling machines. We are also capable of undertaking grinding of rolls of roller mills and grinding rolls used in color mixers, five-roller mills intended for candy industry.

Resurfacing removes: ellipse, taper, the eccentricity (run-out)

We undertake repairs of local mechanical damages of rolls and recover (repair) patterns of embossing and engraved rolls.

The distinguishing feature is that all actions are carried out without dismantling the parts that require repair, the operations are carried out at the locations of cylinders, rolls, etc., under short-term outages (medium-term scheduled maintenance activities). In such cases there is no need in disassembling, re-assembling and associated tuning of equipment, maintenance periods are reduced, and outages of expensive equipment are significantly decreased. Grinding of rolls cylinders (paper-making machines) at their locations allows reducing time intervals required to maintain mechanisms.

Our company also renders consultation services associated with calender technology, modernization of calender equipment aimed at dramatic enlarging products range and improving the product quality.

We carry out our tasks in a timely manner, at any time suitable for our customers, including week-ends and public holidays.

In almost 30 years, we have no quality reclamations caused by our faults.